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Sex Toys Guide

Every toy that Varela sell is perfect for someone whether for male or female. it is important to understand each of the key features of each toy and match it to your personal preferences. This Sex Toys 101 Guide is a great beginning to help you have a basic understanding of our toys. You can also further your knowledge by reading some of our books that we offer on toys.


What does High Quality Mean?

  • Better Performing motors
  • Quieter Motors
  • More Features
  • Body-safe materials
  • The lowest defective rates
  • Often carry a warranty, or stand behind their product

What makes a good first time vibrator?

  • Average Size
  • Less texture
  • Full range of vibration (from very low to high)
  • Something that can be used for clitoral stimulation 
  • Type of vibrator (g-spot, clitoral)

As the right question!

Do you climax more easily from clitoral stimulation or penetration?


  • The answer will most be likely be "clitoral stimulation" because around 75% of women only ever orgasm from clitoral stimulation.
  • Any toy that can be used externally on or near the clitoris is the right choice. Choose something with a full range of vibration so you can choose the level of intensity that works best for you


  • Around 25% of women are able to orgasm from penetration, but some of that might also be due to the clitoris being stimulated indirectly during penetration in certain positions. 
  • Choose a toy with the average girth and little or no texture for penetration initially. Because orgasm through clitoral stimulation is so popular, it is good to get a toy that is good for Both penetration and clitoral stimulation.


  • If you haven't had an orgasm or don't have one frequently (maybe you are pre-orgasmic), something with a LOT of power might be most helpful; like an electrical massager (see Original Magic Wand) strong motors are great for helping women push past where they normally stop themselves.


  • Look for something with a good continuous rage that goes from very low to very high, so you can CHOOSE how much vibration is right for you. Every woman is different, and her sensitivity may also change throughout the month.


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Kevin Reese


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Size Chart

Sizes listed are US, unless otherwise noted.

 Sizes Cup Waist Hip
1X (16-18)
C-D 34-36 44-46
2X (18-20)
C-D 36-38 46-48
3X (20-22)
D-DD 38-40 48-50
4X (22-24)
D-DD 40-42 50-52


 Sizes Cup Waist Hip
S A-B 24-26 34-36
M B-C 34-36 36-38
L C-D 36-38 38-40
XL D-DD 38-40 40-42


 Size OS S/M L/XL QUEEN 1X/2X 3X/4X
2-10 2-8 8-14 16-20 16-20 22-24
Bust 30-36 30-36 36-40 40-44 40-44 44-48
Waist 24-28 24-28 28-30 34-38 34-38 34-38
Hip 34-38 34-38 38-42 44-48 44-48 48-52