by Jacqueline Gualtieri June 11, 2019

Bringing a toy into the bedroom can be a scary thing. We often associate toys with kink and kink can be a word that illicit an image of whips and latex, which can scare some people away. But toys don't have to be scary and they can be a pretty simple way of adding some more pleasure to your routine. Here's five ways to introduce toys with you and your partner. 

1. Try a bullet vibrator.

Bullet vibes are pretty small and don't have as much power as, say, a Hitachi wand.  The stimulation is a bit softer but still feels fantastic. It's also more versatile so it's good way for you and your partner to find out what feels good. It can be used on the nipples or clitoris or it can be inserted during sex or foreplay. When it's used during sex, it can be a great way to add stimulation for both male and female partners. 

2. Wear a cock ring.

It might be scary to put this on at first, but a lot of guys end up loving cock rings once they try them. For one thing, they often help men last longer so they are a great addition if you and your partner are the type that like long sex sessions. The vibrations are also very nice for both male and female partners. It stimulates the clit when a man enters a woman and the man feels vibrations while he's wearing it. 

3. Get a starter butt plug.

Interested in trying anal but also a little bit afraid? Totally understandable! A starter butt plug can be a big help. Try using it during foreplay or during vaginal penetration so that you can get a bit more used to the feeling of having something back there. It can really add to any sexual experience. Be sure to get one with a flared base.

4. Add a some soft handcuff.

If you or your partner is interested in a little restraint, go for a soft pair of handcuffs. Being tied up can be very arousing. If you have a bit of a submissive streak, you might like letting your partner take the wheels and vice versa. Don't go for rope unless you have more practice. Ideally, you shouldn't use rope until you have taken classes for it. And even when you do, make sure that you have a knife nearby to cut it in case of emergency. In the case of using handcuffs, make sure you have multiple sets of keys in case of emergency.

5. Try out different oils.

I'm not talking coconut oil. Plus, do not use coconut oil, olive oil, honey, vegetable oil, or anything that can usually be found in a kitchen on your genitals. It's just a bad idea and a bacterial infection waiting to happen. Get different types of oils that you can find at a sex shop that have been approved for use on the body. Try out a massage oil during foreplay, try a flavored lube during oral, or try a warming or cooling lube during sex. These aren't quite toys but they do add a bit of spice and can be a great stepping stone to toys. 

Jacqueline Gualtieri
Jacqueline Gualtieri


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