by Jacqueline Gualtieri June 11, 2019

Missionary is pretty comfy for everyone and it's intimate. It's great. It's tried and true and a fan favorite for a reason. And it gets a bad rep for being boring so this post is not about dragging missionary. It's just about expanding your repertoire and trying something new! You might just find a new favorite! Here's four moves to try if you're doing missionary every single time.


1. Prone Bone

This move is everything if you want something intimate that feels amazing. She lays flat, legs mostly closed, and he enters from behind. For all you girls with thicker thighs, your partner is going to love this move because, even when he's not inside, he'll be getting a lot, a lot of sensation. And for the ladies, this move helps it go deep and you'll be getting some serious stimulation from the bed below you. It also makes it easy for him to wrap his arms around you and hold you really close.


2. Spoon

Spoon sex is like cuddling with added sex. He's the big spoon, she's the little spoon. He wraps his leg over her bottom leg and wraps his arms around her. The angle might take a little work to get right at first. It might take a little jostling and opening the legs a little more. But once it's in, it feels romantic and loving and sweet. It's a great alternative to missionary if you want something super intimate.


3. Unicorn

I consider the Unicorn to be a sort of play on the Spoon. He lays on his side, legs slightly spread. She lays on her back, slightly sideways facing away from him. He lifts her leg up and holds it up while he enters her. If you're looking for a move that goes really, really deep and makes it really easy to hit that elusive G-spot, this is it. 


4. Gemini

Missionary can put a lot of pressure on a man to perform. It's a lot of him moving and her rising up to meet him, but he's doing most of the cardio. Gemini is like a mix of missionary and woman on top, making both move together in a kind of sexual salsa. He sits with his legs slightly apart and bent, she sits between his legs and puts her legs around him. He supports himself with one hand behind him and one on the small of her back. She puts one hand behind her and one on his neck, pulling him down. Maybe to kiss him, maybe to help him look down into her eyes. It's an intense and passionate dance. 

Jacqueline Gualtieri
Jacqueline Gualtieri


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