Our Story

about Varela 

our brand

Our mission is to empower females globally to be confident in themselves and be who they want to be. Varela is a bold, straight talking and forward-thinking fashion brand inspired by real life that aims to do exactly that. Everything we create is informed by our customer along with global influences like social media, street style, and popular culture, creating a destination that delivers and encompasses everything it means to be a girl on the go in the world today.


our product

We create looks designed by the various talent that's made to give millennial women with the fashion they need for all elements of their life. And since our aim is all about empowerment, we make it easy for everyone by making our product affordable. It's not just fast fashion - its rapid fashion. We drop up to 1000 brand new styles every month, working constantly to bring our babes the freshest pieces, put together in wearable ready-to-go outfits.

who run this mother

Kevin Reese is the man behind Varela, starting his career in the Retail industry he set up on his own in 2003. With a passion for the product and endless ambition, fast forward to present day, Kevin runs a multi-platform brand and strives to continuously better what we do in every aspect.


where is Varela created

Varela was created in the city of Detroit, currently rocking out styles and ideas to our online site www.shopvarela.com and our Pop-up shop and events. We love the City of Detroit, Michigan and that's where our roots lay.

Size Chart

Sizes listed are US, unless otherwise noted.

 Sizes Cup Waist Hip
1X (16-18)
C-D 34-36 44-46
2X (18-20)
C-D 36-38 46-48
3X (20-22)
D-DD 38-40 48-50
4X (22-24)
D-DD 40-42 50-52


 Sizes Cup Waist Hip
S A-B 24-26 34-36
M B-C 34-36 36-38
L C-D 36-38 38-40
XL D-DD 38-40 40-42


 Size OS S/M L/XL QUEEN 1X/2X 3X/4X
2-10 2-8 8-14 16-20 16-20 22-24
Bust 30-36 30-36 36-40 40-44 40-44 44-48
Waist 24-28 24-28 28-30 34-38 34-38 34-38
Hip 34-38 34-38 38-42 44-48 44-48 48-52